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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mount Cutler Hike

I've got plenty more pictures of the DC area for future posts, but it's time for a return to Colorado for some pictures from a recent hike.

One of the city parks near the mountains is North Cheyenne Canyon, the same park in which I took the waterfall pictures back in May. Another hike in this park is Mount Cutler, which provides some excellent views. It's a short hike at about a mile each way, plus some extra hiking to get the best views.

The trail was very green due to all the thunderstorms we've had recently.

This footbridge is new since I was there - apparently part of the trail washed away so this was built.
There are some pretty rock formations along the trail.

I found the trees with their roots exposed picturesque. I wonder how some of them hold on, as the trail runs up the side of a steep canyon.

This view shows the eventual destination of the trail, on top of the cliff to the right, after it climbs behind it to get there.
Here's a section of the trail, showing how it's carved into the hillside with a sharp drop on the right hand side.
From an overlook you can see the plains and the city of Colorado Springs.
Here's a closeup of the famous Broadmoor Hotel from that same overlook.
From the top of the cliff I photographed earlier, here's a view of the trail, looking towards where I took the picture of the cliff.
And finally, a view taken from the ridge towards Seven Falls, which is one canyon over.

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