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Al's Photography Blog
Pikes Peak As Seen From Our House

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Calvi, Corsica

My next set of Sunday Scans will be from a 1974 family to the beautiful island of Corsica in the Mediterranean. Here is a view of the city of Calvi.


  1. Such a lovely place and one I always wanted to visit! Great capture, Al! Hope your weekend is going well! Hugs to Socks for Sam and me!

    Sylvia and Sam

  2. I love seeing all the rooftops along the waterside! You must have been much higher up to have taken this photo :D


  3. · That is an intersting old photo. Sure, today, all is going to be different.

    · regards
    … Happy Winter's Solstice

    CR & LMA

  4. Hey, just wanted to say that this was a very well written post and I enjoyed reading it. It's great to see someone sharing interesting information on the internet.

  5. What a beautiful place - I love the coloring of these old photos!


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