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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chicago - Walk in Millenium Park

After the Field Museum, we walked back to the hotel through cloudy skies and bursts of rain. We saw this large fountain near Lake Michigan.
Then we walked through Millenium Park. It includes some great outdoor art, such as the Crown Fountain, with water cascading down the sides of two large obelisks which include changing images.
This is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, an outdoor theater.
The Cloud Gate provides a varied view of the skyline reflecting off its curved surfaces.
You can go underneath it for amazing reflections.
And here's a view of the Sears Tower through the horrible weather.
In nice weather, this looks like it would be an amazing area to hang out in. I can imagine its popularity in the summer, especially because it's so close to downtown.


  1. Wow! What a cool place! I especially love the "Cloud Gate". I would love to take my camera there!

  2. Cool to see shots from inside the Cloud Gate. When we were last in Chicago, it was fenced off because it was still under construction (or maybe just getting repaired), so all we got to see were the skyline reflections.

  3. wow it looks like a big shiny bomb

    A smile from SJ =)

  4. Cool - so, this Cloud Gate - is this the famous "coffee bean" that I've heard about? It does, vaguely, look like a coffee bean.


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