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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sesame Canyon

Off High Drive on the Western edge of Colorado Springs is a trail that goes up Sesame Canyon, and I hiked it last summer. It's not a common trail and not an easy one to find without detailed directions, but it's a nice, isolated hike.

You start by parking near at the High Drive exit and walking up High Drive for about half a mile. The first couple of shots are taken from High Drive.

Then you veer off to the left and find a good trail.
 There's one steep section of rocks.
 There were some flowers but nothing too impressive.
 As you climb higher some nice views appear.
And finally, at the top the trail meets up with the heavily used Captain Jack's multi-use trail.
It's a trail I'll be using again when I want to get away from the crowds.


  1. I wish I had found this trail when I lived in CS. It is beautiful ... both the trail and the vista from the top.

  2. Beautiful ! I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR !

  3. Hi Al. Love the first 2 shots - reminds me of Bryce Canyon.


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