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Friday, November 26, 2010

Yellowstone's Geyser Hill

Near Old Faithful a short walk takes the Yellowstone visitor to Geyser Hill, a very active area where boardwalks safely link the various attractions. There are various springs, of which Heart Spring was my favorite.
A little further away is Castle Geyser, which we were lucky enough to see erupt, although not up close.
Lion Geyser erupted while we were right next to it.
In fact, we were so close I took a photo while standing right under it's spray! I was surprised that it wasn't boiling hot, otherwise I wouldn't have gone this close.
Here are Lion (closest)and Castle geysers together.
Finally, here's Pump Geyser, named because it looks and sounds like a pump, sending bursts of water up regularly.
If you're in the Old Faithful area, don't miss this easy nearby walk. And that's my Scenic Sunday entry for this week.


  1. Gorgeous, breathtaking captures, Al! I've been to Yellowstone numerous times and never failed to be awed by the beauty! Thanks for the memories! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. This is such a picturesque place! The colors are extraordinary! Great job capturing the beauty!

  3. Awesome captures! The scenery is so beautiful!
    Happy weekend.

  4. Oh,
    queste foto sono favolose.
    La natura in questo luogo porta veramente l'impronta di Dio.
    Quì abbiamo la netta sensazione di solo amore e bellezza.
    Vivere in tale luogo non può che riappacificarci con la natura.
    Grande la tua finestra sul mondo :))
    Buona giornata.

  5. I like the Lion and the Pump. Most of the geysers in New Zealand have lost their steam. People say the locals take too much water.

  6. the blue of the Heart Spring is stunning. I trust you and your lens was protected from the spray!

  7. Thanks for sharing this amazing scenery with us. I have never seen geysers in action! Excellent photography. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Jo

  8. Almost feel the steam in my face. Wish I could, as it is very cold in this room, after the boiler packed up.
    Splendid pictures you are showing us. Is that white ash? I thought volcanic ash was always black and 'orrible. This stuff looks good enough to put on the garden.

  9. You are a lucky guy getting so great photos. I would indeed like to visit Yellowstone on a day like yours ;-)
    Thanks for showing those fantastic pictures!

  10. Great photos of Yelowstone, Al! I would love to visit this wonderful place...
    Did you know that I have many video documentary about Yellowstone?

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my currrent post.
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Your shots are breath taking. Being from flat land MS, YellowStone has always held a great fasination for me. We finally got to visit it about 9 yrs ago on a 3 week 15 state whirlwind tour and because of health problems, DH not mine.. we haven't been able to get back.
    I would really love to come back and just take my time and explore this magical place.
    I love following your blog to see your great shots.

  12. que suerte de haber estado en el momento justo de erupción, que alegría que captaste esas imagenes.
    besos al

  13. Not sure I would get that close, so thanks for being so daring.

  14. Amazing snaps...I just love the changing focuses of Mother Nature's palette. Bravo!

  15. I LOVE YELLOWSTONE! I was there back in 1984 & I loved it! I'd sooo love to go back

  16. I have been there to, but I did not get pictures like you, very nice. It is an amazing place, Yellowstone.

  17. what luck you had seeing two geysers during your trip. the pictures are incredible. i don't know that i'd been so brave as to stand so close with my camera in hand though, :) i'd been afraid i'd lose the camera.

    your sky pictures below are gorgeous. hope all is well. have a great day.

  18. great scenerys and how powerful isn'a nature !
    seen a geysir on Icelandand it was amazing

  19. It's been many, many years since I've been to Yellowstone. These photos remind me just how much I want to go back. They're real beauties!


  20. The raw beauty and power of nature never cease to amaze...

  21. Very interesting to see.. the Geysers, beautiful! And that beautiful buildning in Yellowstone.. high up to the roof I can see..

    I enjoyed your photos! :)


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