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Pikes Peak As Seen From Our House

Friday, November 9, 2012

Red Rock Canyon in January

Next week's theme at Tina's PicStory is red, so I'm going all the way back to a New Year's Day hike in Red Rock Canyon. It's also for Orange Friday and Scenic Sunday (if it's active this week).
This is a great winter hike - because of the lower elevation it doesn't get much snow, and any snow melts quickly.
Even though it's within the city it's still full of pretty sights.
And there's even an old quarry to walk through!
I'm sure I'll be back here again many times.


  1. What a great place to hike and so beautiful!! Terrific captures for the day, Al! I bet Socks likes to go there, too! But, of course, our dogs love to go anywhere that we go, don't they!! Have a wonderful weekend and give Socks a pat for Sam and me!


  2. · I like those red clay. Nice paths for a walk.

    · hugs

    CR· & ·LMA

  3. Wonderful photos of Red Rock Canyon!
    I would love to be there...

  4. Lovely, I've seen few red rocks, they are beautiful

  5. Wow, that's a spectacular place !

  6. So very interesting to see! the rocks are so different to the rocks or mountains in my country!such reddish lovely colors on the rock, even the walkway has these reddish colors! =)

    and magnificent shapes on the rocks!

  7. That's the kind of place our kids take us to hike when we visit -- not so much elevation as what they usually do ... but a stretch for the old guys used to the 'flatlands'. But I've never walked anywhere in Colorado that wasn't beautiful and scenic -- and this walk would certainly be no exception.


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