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Saturday, November 17, 2012

South Korean Bell

This week's Vintage Weekly post is the famous Bell of King Seongdeok in Kyongju (Gyeongju), South Korea. Don't read the text after the photo if you're squeamish.
The legend (which may not be true) is that when the bell was initially cast it made no sound when struck. A monk dreamed that if a child was thrown into the metal as the bell was recast, the bell would ring. So this was done, and the bell now rings with the most beautiful tones (although it's no longer rung due to its age and condition).


  1. I hope this is just a legend. I’d love to hear its sound – it must have been something rich and deep.

  2. What an amazing bell! Interesting legend, but a pretty high price to pay to make a sound, however beautiful. Great capture for the day! Hope you and Socks are having a good weekend -- our weather is pretty yucky and wet! But after our long, dry summer/fall, I shouldn't whine!!

  3. Wow. I wonder about that child. Such a nasty thing to do. Where were the parents?

  4. You're right - I shouldn't have read the text! Even so, it is a beautiful bell, if a little gruesome.


  5. ╮✿ °•.¸

    É um sino bem diferente, imagino o som harmonioso dele.
    Amei o cachorrinho do post anterior.
    Boa semana, amigo!

    ✿ °•.¸

  6. There are sad stories in every culture (that I know of anyway). Human bein's seem to need them somehow.


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