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Pikes Peak As Seen From Our House

Friday, May 18, 2012

Greenwood Park Ruins

Here are the last of my photos from last summer's hike to the ghost town Of Greenwood Park. It's not too old, as they had electricity at one point!
 I couldn't tell what this old machinery was.
 Here's the inside of a ruined cabin.
 Here's some kind of rotunda.
 And a view out from one of the windows!
 It's not easy to find, but it's interesting when you do. And that's this week's Scenic Sunday entry.


  1. like such ruines :) wonderful shots!

  2. Fascinating and beautiful captures, Al! What a great place to visit! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Pats to Socks for Sam and I.


  3. I loved all of these photos. Very interesting.

  4. Great shots of ruins of greenwood. The cabin interior is still in some shape.

  5. Hi Al,
    mi piacerebbe molto poter ricostruire questa picola casa...
    Bella foto !
    Myriam :)

  6. Just amazing this trip to the ghost town Of Greenwood Park. The rotunda and a view out from one of the windows are amazing!

  7. Wow! Very interesting and the cabin is quite so ruined.. but I guess it was very nice at an earlier time.. :)


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