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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Three Years Blogging - Lightning

I've been blogging for exactly three years today! So here's my little speech.

First, lots of thanks to my followers and those who comment on my blog. I started doing this for myself, but it's the knowledge that other people are enjoying my photos that makes me continue to regularly post and drives me to try to improve. I wouldn't have imagined three years ago that dozens of people would be interested in my photography - I can't even get most of my family to care!

I've found lots of interesting blogs, and that's one of the pleasures of blogging. Whether its the ones that I actively follow, or the ones I find by going through the comments, it's so much fun to see other parts of the world and other peoples lives. I feel real connections to some of the people in the cyberworld.

Now it's time for today's Skywatch Friday photo. For the anniversary, I thought I'd post an interesting lightning photo taken this summer. It's cropped a little from the original. The lightning is striking behind the house, so no damage was done!
For more cool sky-themed photos visit the Skywatch Friday meme. You can find more of my lightning shots by clicking on the Lightning label just below this post or on the far right of the blog.


  1. Happy Third Blogging Anniversary! I am so glad that I found your blog because I do so enjoy your marvelous photography that you share with us each week. I have been blogging for just over two years and can't imagine what I would do without it!! That being said, your Sky Watch shot for the day is totally awesome!! I love the lightning -- well, from a distance at least. It's one thing we very rarely if ever see here in Washington, so this was breathtaking! I do hope you have a wonderful weekend and another wonderful year of blogging!!


  2. Three years, that's a long time and lot's of work. Good for you! Congratulations.
    We look forward to many more years of photos and stories of your beautiful land.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! :D

    HOW good it is that we can find each other in the Land of Blogging! What should we do without each other?! Because as you are saying, not even all the family are so interested in the photos.. Neither nor friends (outside the blogger land).. Well, some they are, but it's not the same as the good old days, with the paper photos and friends and family coming over to see your new photos and have som coffe and cakes..! NO!
    After the digital photos came to a fact and the computer as the album for the pics, then seldom anybody wants to see the pics, or they don't have any time.. and/or they get tired after having seen some few pics for instance..

    So, aren't we lucky to have found each other? I hope that it will last..!

    Have fun with your photos, show them to us, we just love visiting each other- to watch the pics!! ;)

    And this photo you have here is GORGEOUS!! :) The dark clouds and the bright and clear lightening make it dramatic and fantastic, and so do you - the clever photographer behind it!! :)

    This was my tribute to you!
    Happy Anniversary my cyber friend! :)

  4. Yes! I love storms! I love the rays, are so powerful, so hard .. very nice and impressive picture .. Three years is a lot .. congratulations

  5. Congrats on three years. Blogging is a great way to see the world and I'm glad I found yours. Great lightning shot.

  6. This GORGEOUS and awe inspiring shot is one of the reasons I love and follow your blog! Congratulations on your 3rd year 'blogoversary'. Well done.

  7. Amazing shots, lighting is hard to capture but you have done some great shots. Thanks for sharing:)

  8. I'm impressed! Taking photos of lightning is not easy...I have tried! This is simply awesome - and very dramatic!
    Happy SkyWatch to you! :)

  9. Hi Al :)
    innanzi tutto :
    felice anniversario !!!!
    Poi, non ti devi stupire se ci sono molti bloggers che ti seguono :
    le tue foto sono meravigliose !
    Caro Al, anch'io la penso come te, il mondo blogger è fantastico.
    Ci apre delle porte che non avremmo mai pensato di poter avere l'opportunità di aprire e quindi di potervi accedere !
    La foto di oggi è grandiosa !
    Per fortuna che il fulmine non ha causato danni a persone e cose !
    Buona serata :))

  10. Happy Third Year! All I can say to your photos is "WOW". They are amazing.

  11. Congratulations for blogging this long! You are a dedicated soul!

    Wish I could capture lightening like that.

  12. congratulations. more power to you. and i hope you don't lose interest in blogging.

  13. Felicidades por tus 3 años, y por deleitarnos con imagenes tan bellas, es sorprendente ese rayo, es hermosa la foto.
    un beso

  14. Wow, amazing capture! Love it.

  15. Wow! FANTASTIC! Congrats on your bloggiversary!

  16. You are SO right. I have lots of family and lots of friends and only two of my friends every comment on my blog, and of those, one is also a blogger. My husband will look at what I post, and click one the "interesting" or "funny" box at the bottom, but that's all.
    So it's a good thing we appreciate one another. Three years, that's great.
    I love your lightning shot for Skywatch Friday this week. Even if I tell myself the lightning isn't hitting the houses, part of my brain reacts with a frisson of fear!

    Kay, Alberta

  17. Best wishes on your blog anniversary. I have been doing it nearly two years and have made so many new friends. Some I feel I know personally. You have a very nice blog and your feature for today is great.

  18. I love your lightning skies! Such a beautiful capture and a perfect way to recognize your third year of blogging! This one is a Really GOOD one!

  19. This is a Capitol letter WOW.

    I am teaching my students electricity and they are drawing pictures like your photos.

  20. i'm always in awe looking at lightning photos! happy anniversary to you and your blog and may you continue posting stunning photos like this! :) cheers!

  21. Happy Third Blogging Anniversary!

  22. Happy third anniversary, Al! I think it's amazing how you've kept this up so long! Thank you for posting such interesting and gorgeous photos :-D

    This lightning shot is magnificent! It really does look like it hit the house (glad it didn't though)! Also love how "you might also like" lists all your other lightning photos like a collage!

  23. Congratulations! I love the glimpses of your part of the world. And your lightning shots are a speciality. We rarely get lightning here, so I find these particularly stunning.

  24. A belated congratulations on your 3rd year of Blogging, Al! I'll have 2 years in Nov. Your photography is spectacular, and the photo you chose for your anniversary is striking (sorry - couldn't resist!).

  25. Happy Third Blogging Anniversary, Al! (Sorry I am belated...)
    Is always a pleasure visiting your place. I am glad I found you.

  26. Belated congratulations on your blog third anniversary! Your photos are fantastic and this particular one has really impressed me. WOW!


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