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Friday, October 29, 2010

Yellowstone Sulphur Cauldron & Soda Butte

One of the minor stops along one of the roads in Yellowstone is the Sulphur Cauldron. The view from the road is nice by itself.
The Cauldron is down below, and was certainly smelly. It doesn't come across very well in this photo, which was the best I could do from the road.
Elsewhere, another minor attraction is the Soda Butte, formed by this tiny spring (which used to be larger).
The butte isn't huge but is certainly photogenic from the right angle.
And that's my Scenic Sunday entry for this week.


  1. Yellowstone is sure a land of many contrasts. Nice captures showing some of the diversity.

  2. I do agree with Gaelyn, it is indeed a land of many contrasts! That's one of the reasons I never tired of traveling there, because there was always something new to see. Fantastic captures as always, Al! Hope you have a great evening and a lovely weekend!


  3. la última foto me encanto es bella.

  4. Anywhere in Yellowstone is AWESOME! I love it there!!!

  5. Great photos of a great place, and I'm glad you weren't successful in getting the odor to "come across very well" -- ha ha!

  6. I just love the last photo. Even if it isn't high it sure looks like it's up in the clouds.

  7. wonderful series, nice photos
    the last photo is stunning, colors and perspective are perfect

    Gr, Bram

  8. Excellent pictures!! Super photos!!

    Frank, Barcelona

  9. Forms so beautiful... stupendous!


  10. nice scene:)

    thank you for visiting my blog.

    all the best!

    Z Joya

  11. the last photo, the cloud just happened to be at the mouth and looks like an erupting volcano.

  12. When I was a child we visited Yellowstone. I remember the mud pots were wonderful and Old Faithful was a favorite.

    These photos brought those happy memories back into my mind. Someday I shall visit there again.


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