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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Garden of the Gods (Part 2)

This week I got a new 10-20 mm super-wide-angle zoom lens (that's 15-30 mm in 35mm film terms) and decided to go back to Garden of the Gods specifically to try it out. Since I work nearby I went early in the morning and also in the late afternoon sunshine to try to capture the best light.

The first five pictures are all of the North Gateway Rock, also known as Kissing Camels. The scale doesn't come across in these pictures - the rock is 320 feet high. The first is taken from the main parking lot near base of the rock, as wide as the lens will go at 10 mm.
The next two show the other side of the rock, with the dedication plaque.
Again, the scale is huge. I'm standing right at the base of a 300-foot high rock, looking almost straight up in this picture.
This is taken towards the back of North Gateway Rock in the late afternoon sunshine.
This is the only telephoto shot in this post, showing the feature at the top that gives Kissing Camels its name.
This is South Gateway Rock.
And finally, here's White Rock in the afternoon sun.

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