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Al's Photography Blog
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Queen's Canyon & Dorothy Falls

Just north of Garden of the Gods is the historic site of Glen Eyrie, owned by the Christian ministry The Navigators. They are generous enough to allow people to hike on their property (Monday through Thursday, see their website for details, and you'll need to sign a release), and since I had a day off work and the weather was beautiful, I decided to hike up Queen's Canyon from Glen Eyrie. It's a very worthwhile hike.

The trail starts like many, with scrub and rock outcroppings.
The canyon becomes very narrow in places, and there are some wooden bridges that cling to the walls.
The path crosses the stream many times. Sometimes there are logs to help, other times it's easier to step over the rocks. Waterproof boots help in places.
Finally, there's a beautiful waterfall (Dorothy Falls). The trail does continue up a very steep section but I didn't climb it carrying my camera equipment.

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