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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Centerport Mill Pond

This is the last of my posts from the New York trip. In Centerport, about an hour from New York City, there is a dam which creates a tidal pool called the Mill Pond, which is shown below.
Looking in the other direction from the dam, you see the end of a bay which lets out on the Long Island Sound.
On a clear day, the buildings in Connecticut are visible in the far distance. This picture is taken from the same location, but zoomed in instead of wide angle (in fact these this picture and the previous picture represent the extreme range of the photos I can take, wide-angle to telephoto).
These large gates swing open to let water into the pond when the tide is high, and as the tide goes down they swing closed as shown below. This keeps the water in the Mill Pond circulating and fresh but never lets the level get too low.

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