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Al's Photography Blog
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Palmer Lake Reservoirs

We've had fog and drizzle for a couple of days, but it finally cleared off this morning. So I went for a hike, this time on the Palmer Lake Reservoirs trail, as shown on the first picture looking back towards town.
As do a lot of these trails, this one climbs into the mountains next to a pretty stream, which is currently flowing with some strength because of all the recent rain and snow.
After a little while the trail runs by the first reservoir.
And it continues to climb to the second, larger reservoir.

There are numerous little streams running into these small lakes.
And it's clear that they don't want people in the water!
As I type up this post it has started raining again, so I'm glad I got out this morning.


  1. Al, are these near Rampart Reservoir?

  2. No, they are west of Monument, off I-25.


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