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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jones Park & Loud's Cabin

I wanted to get all the way up to the aspen meadow, further up the Seven Bridges Trail than we went on last Saturday, so I went back on Wednesday (on a rare mid-week day off work). This time it was just me and the dog. Just past where we turned around last time is a scree field; it looks like the trail may end but it continues. This photograph is looking back at the scree after crossing it.
After turning right on a side trail just before crossing a stream, you come to Jones Park, a large meadow of aspen trees. They had already turned yellow, although the previous week's weather (and the wind on the day I was there) meant that a lot of the leaves had already blown down. Nevertheless it was a uniquely beautiful spot.

Finally I crossed into the next valley and climbed a little further, finally coming to the ruins of Loud's Cabin. I'd make sure I had a topographical map with trails, or somebody who had been there before, as there are a lot of little trails in this area.

This was a little over 6 miles round trip, and made for one of the best hikes of the year.

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