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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eagle Peak

Just west of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs a range of mountains rises approximately 2,000 feet up (600 meters). One of the peaks here is Eagle Peak, and these are photos I took when climbing it back in late August.

Here is the peak from its base. The trail climbs up a valley on the right of the peak and approaches the top from the back.
The trail is fairly good as it starts off winding through the trees.
It gets steeper and more rocky.

A little water starts to appear.

The trees are beautiful, both evergreens and large stands of aspen.

A final very rocky section leads to the top - this picture is of the trail but doesn't give a good impression of the steepness.

Finally, the top is reached and provides some wonderful views, east towards the Academy and west into the mountains. Somebody has planted a flag at the top.
This is not an easy trail, but it is a very worthwhile one.


  1. Absolutely stunning. Makes me want to go back to Colorado Springs - just to climb up there.

  2. Great place for trekking! Awesome pictures!!!

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  3. I'm hoping we might get here next summer, thanks for the tour.

  4. What a great scene Al, you captured it perfectly.

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