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Monday, September 20, 2010

Lake Yellowstone Hotel

Our first night in Yellowstone we stayed in the Lake Yellowstone Hotel, also known as the Lake Yellowstone Lodge. It was an attractive, old (for the area) building on the shore of Lake Yellowstone. Here's a photo taken shortly after sunset.
There was a string quartet playing classical music when we arrived.
This was the corridor where our room was, it seemed somehow slightly creepy to me.
It was nice to be able to stay in the park rather than needing to drive in each day, I'd recommend that to anybody who wants to visit. And that's a part of my world from a few weeks ago, visit the My World Tuesday site for lots of other blog posts on all types of things.


  1. Terrific shots from Yellowstone! I do remember the lodge and it is beautiful! Funny, but that corridor looked kind of creepy to me, too! Maybe because it's so old -- oops! shouldn't say that as old as I am, someone will start thinking I'm creepy as well!!! Have a great week, Al!


  2. what a romantic place...
    Surrounding by the nature...

  3. Ehy Al :))
    ma quanto sei alto ?
    Dall'ultima foto devi essere sicuramente un gigante !!!!
    Buona giornata.
    Bei scatti :)

  4. Beautiful capture of the hotel. I liked the colors and composition of the first photo.

  5. looks like a cozy and fancy place at the same time. i dont wanna be caught walking hotel corridors by myself - they're creepy. haven't encountered one that seems friendly :D

  6. It looks like a wonderful place to stay! I love the lights coming from the hotel in the first photo and the angle of the last one :D

  7. Interesting blog

    Have a nice week,
    Greetings, Bram

    My Word Tuesday post

    Seen on My World Tuesday

  8. Looks fairly simple yet elegant at the same time. Must be nice to get back to after trekking the whole day. ;)

  9. Looks rather ritzy. I stayed in a cabin by Old Faithful Lodge, almost 30 years ago.

  10. Exit... excit(-)ing photo the last one! :) Quite a wonderful view from the hall! :)

  11. That hallway reminds me of The Shining!

  12. I really like that photo of the hallway of the lodge, Al! The perspective is wonderful. I think stayed there in the mid -90's. A friend and I joined a group of researchers tracking the newly introduced wolves. We stayed within the park, but at the lodge, I have this memory of staying in a dorm-like building slightly away from the main lodge. Views of the lake look amazing from the great room.


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