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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Night Plane

Here's a real Skywatch photo from back in August, literally looking at nothing but the sky. I was trying to catch shooting stars during one of the meteor showers. I didn't have any luck, but I did get this shot with some clouds and a plane on the left, seen by its flashing lights moving down the photo.
This was a 13-second exposure. Visit the Skywatch Friday meme for lots of different sky shots.

To answer a couple of recent questions:

1. I get my lightning photos with long exposures. I've learned to judge just how long based on how bright the lightning is, so I use the "bulb" setting where one click of the remote starts the exposure and another stops it, but 15 - 30 seconds is typical at night.

2. The previous wildfire photos were not from a prescribed burn, but an out-of-control wildfire. Wildfires in winter here are uncommon, as the weather is usually too cold and there's often snow on the ground, but we've had some small ones locally this winter.

3. Palmer Park is right in the middle of Colorado Springs.

4. I've not heard of people with the great Christmas light displays getting money for charity. Most people take them down within two weeks after Christmas.

5. Regarding my Yellowstone shots and whether it's near a volcano, the whole park is a supervolcano. The last time it exploded was 640,000 years ago, and we'd better hope it doesn't go off anytime soon, as it would be a disaster of Biblical proportions!

Thanks for all the comments, and I'll try to be more prompt about answering questions.


  1. Oh, what an awesome, breathtaking capture, Al! I love it! Can't imagine being able to catch something like this! Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing your beautiful skies!


  2. Eerie. The cloud looks like a face with a long neck!

  3. You not always got what you want, but sometimes you get something other great ;-)

  4. Wow, I am entranced with your night shot. I don't understand technical, but you make it seem like it should be easy to understand. Unfortunately I'm technologically challenged, so I doubly enjoy looking at your pictures!

  5. only one word comes to mind, Awesome..I agree with Cheryl, clouds looks like a face...

  6. Al, very interesting shot.
    I, as photographer, dislike to take photos in the night. Iam not very good and i cancelll works if the shooting will be during that time.
    Happy 2011, ALL

  7. Wonderful shot. I won't hang around outside at night for very long, not even 13 seconds, but when the weather warms up, I'm going out with a tripod. What fun!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Great shots!!! Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. pretty cool. i really should get me some dslr :)

  10. Looks a bit as if you've seen a creation of a new world, somwhere out there. An impressive picture indeed. Please have a good Friday.

    daily athens

  11. Really cool and breathtaking. Happy sky watching.

    Liz @ A Simple Life

  12. sweet night sky shot! I don't generally have the patience for the night stuff :) but it sure is cool looking!


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