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Al's Photography Blog
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moon Behind Palm Tree

I just got back from a nice warm place (the Palm Springs area), so here's a shot of last week's full moon behind a palm tree for Skywatch Friday.
This was a hard shot to get handheld with my Nikon D40X, which isn't a great camera for low-light photography (and it's old so it's starting to develop too many hot pixels). It's occasions like this that make me wish I had a D7000, which is much better at capturing images like this. But I'll work with what I've got!


  1. This is an awesome shot, Al, old camera or not! Took my breath away this morning for sure! Glad you were able to enjoy some warm weather in California! Hope your week is going well!


  2. It's godd you are working up with what you're having.. if not, we never could be able to see this beauty of a picture! Stunning! =)

    I too have discovered one dead pixel in my camera.. :/

  3. godd?? haha

    *good* that should be.. ;)

  4. Oh lovely -- glad you got some warm sunshine -- nice contrast.

  5. It's very nice, though! I don't have any fancy camera equipment and I hate moon shots look like dots! :-)

    You might want to consider getting rid of word verification. With comment moderation you can check the comments before you print them, and a lot of people are having trouble with these crazy mixed up words!

  6. Very nice photo work.
    Palm trees always remind me of holidays.
    Greetings Karin

  7. Nice photo Al, I love moon shots, and the palm tree just makes it exotic! You are quite a good photographer.

  8. Awesome shot,Al!Have a nice weekend!

  9. a wonderful, mysterious glow to this image Al...I really like it.

  10. Um lindo click.
    Paisagem de sonho.
    Boa noite!

    ♪º° ✿


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