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Al's Photography Blog
Folly Beach, South Carolina

Monday, November 19, 2012

Driving to California

Long road trips are part of Our World here in the American West. These are photos from when we drove to California back in May; we drove approximately 2,700 miles (4,345 km) in five days. We start with Interstate 70 (shortened as I-70) here in Colorado, which leads through mountains. This major highway tops out over 11,000 feet (3,350 meters) above sea level, at which point it goes through a tunnel!
There are pretty canyons too.
In Utah the terrain is much dryer but still very pretty.
This final shot is from California, which is also often very dry. We're no longer on the interstate but on a smaller road.
Road trips can be fun but this much driving does become a little monotonous.


  1. Great shots for the day, Al! I surely don't travel as much as I once did -- sometimes I miss it, most of the time I don't, but I'm glad to have photos as reminders of those fun days! Your captures for the day are also great reminders! Hope your week is off to a good start! Enjoy!

  2. We (needless to say) love a roadtrip, but that's way more miles per day than we want to do. But when, like you guys, you're still working and your kids are in CA and you are in CO then it definitely makes sense. Under those circumstances, it's getting there that matters!

    Your scenery is lovely though, even if it rolled by too fast.

  3. I loved the first shot! Beautiful

  4. Nice photos, Al! The west always seems larger to me than the east. The last photo reminded me of the NE corner of Colorado when one turns off I 80 in Nebraska to go south into CO. There is hardly anything up there to look at!

  5. Beautiful place to drive through. I would love to drive here.

  6. Great shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Love so much road pictures.
    Great photos, Al!

  8. So great to be able to follow you on the trip! or journey rather! quite long - yeah! =O but a lovely scenery! but I do prefer small car trips.. I'm getting tired and bored by too long at one time. You really drove a long long way!

    and I do remember that tunnel! :)I propbably never wont forget it, haha! :)

    such an adorable photo of lovely Sucks further down here! :)

    and the lightning - wow!! =O fantastic!! =)


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