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Al's Photography Blog
Folly Beach, South Carolina

Thursday, February 7, 2013


We recently dog-sat a very friendly little dog for a week.
We think she was a Chihuahua mix of some kind, and was about the size of our Pomeranian Socks.
Although she wasn't well suited to our cold climate with her short hair, she made herself at home, snuggling under blankets and lying in the sun whenever she could.
Her name is Laika and we were sorry to see her go, as was Socks.
Hopefully we'll get to see her again soon. This post is for Camera Critters and Pets Forever.


  1. Oh, what a cutie!! How fun for all of you and I know Socks really enjoyed having a friend close by! Fun pics for the day, Al! Hope you have a great weekend! Give Socks a hug for me -- I'm sure he misses his new friend!!

  2. She's precious. Looks like good company to have with y'all. And you've made some great memories.

  3. Awww -such an adorable face!

  4. She has Fox Terrier Ears and face. I really like your photos of her.


  5. Really a cute dog. The last photo is all eyes.
    Probably, dogs are better people than human people.
    Aren't they?

    · hugs

    · CR · & · LMA ·

  6. so cute! the first moment i thought: oh no! i hope nothing happens with socks. but it´s good to hear, all are ok :)

  7. Very cute. This is definitely a nice experience.

  8. Wow...he's a cute little guy! I love that last shot!

    Happy weekend! :-)

  9. She is sweet, and a ham for the camera.

  10. º° ✿彡
    Olá, amigo!
    Laika parecer ser tão calma, gosta de ser fotografada. É uma fofura!
    Belas fotos.
    Bom domingo!
    Boa semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil
    ✿ °•.¸

  11. She is a lovely dog, as Socks too! :) and I guess it was hard to say byebye for you and Socks :)

    Lovely photos! :)

  12. Nice for Socks to have a visitor! She's a cutie!

  13. What a lovely dog – she really looks sweet. Your pictures are good because it is not that easy to photograph pets as they move all the time.

  14. Laika is adorable! I love your last shot showing off that beautiful face.

  15. Laika has a lovely face and looks very smart! I am glad you will get to see her again soon.

  16. Hi Al,
    l'ultima foto è veramente meravigliosa... gli occhi sono così grandi e dolcissimi !!
    Myriam :)


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