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Saturday, September 19, 2015

1978 New York City Chinatown

This was a strange sight indeed for a boy from Holland in the 1970s!


  1. It would have been for this American too. But in the 1990s, I was introduced to the Chinese New Year through a mother of one of my students. It was an interesting celebration for the students and myself.

  2. Love Chinatown, Al, and a great shot from the past for the day! Hope you and the doggies have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. My friend Al,

    By your latest posts you teach everyone how beautiful life is.
    Because by your camera we all can travel to places unknown.
    Of course my son likes the post with the air balloon.

    Warm greetings from my family and my students.

    Yannis Politopoulos

  4. Yes, it would be a shock. Love this photo, Al.


  5. Here again after a long break.
    Chinatown in NYC is fantastic, in 1970 and now. Great photo.


    · LMA · & · CR ·

  6. Great photo of Chinatown, I suspect the area has changed alot since this was taken. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Our old Chinatown looks the same as that, but what i saw in China in their smaller cities in early 90s was worse, dirty and slimy and all. I wish you put the before and after shots, it is very interesting.

  8. Just amazing photo, Al!
    I would love to know NY!!


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