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Monday, October 10, 2016

The Alamo

While in San Antonio we visited the Alamo.
Photos are not allowed inside, but I took a couple of the outside and the grounds.
I loved this old tree.
This was an impressive cactus patch.
These trees caught my eye.
I don't remember if this cannon was an original or not.


  1. What a shame you couldn't take photos of the inside but nevertheless an interesting post about a very famous historical place.

  2. You go the best places and captured such wonderful photos ~ thanks ~

    Wishing you a special week ~ ^_^

  3. Love the shots, especially that magnificent tree.

  4. Really love the third photo =) That tree... =D

  5. Great photos! San Antonio is a beautiful city.
    I remember visiting the Alamo years ago, and we ate Tex-Mex food along the River Walk.

  6. When we spent the winter in San Antonio we were able to ride our bicycles from our RV Park to the Alamo (and area around it of course) as well as several other missions. One of our fondest RVing memories -- we loved the City. (I wasn't predisposed to love anything about Texas and San Antonio wasn't my only surprise about that State ... althougoh other parts of it still lived up (or down) to my expectations.)

  7. I remember my visit to The Alamo. It was a nice day with great sights. Would like to go again.

  8. Amazing photos, Al! San Antonio looks a beautiful place.
    The architecture of the Alamo is very interesting.
    Love the old big tree and the cactus patch too.


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