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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Falls, VA

Near Washington DC, along the Potomac River as it separates Maryland from Virginia, is a park called Great Falls. It may not rival the great waterfalls of the world but it's still a very attractive place to spend some time. All these pictures were taken from the Virginia side. The first one is a wide view of the falls.
This post shows how high the water has risen in various floods.
Here's a close-up from down by the river.
This bird may be a heron, coming in for a landing. If somebody is certain of what type of bird it is I'd love to find out.
They don't go over the falls, but kayakers do paddle in the rough water right below the falls.
This is one of those spots that you might not think about when you're in the nation's capital city, but if you like natural beauty and have a little extra time it's worth the short trip to see it.


  1. You have some excellent posts of the DC area! In December I will have lived in the area 40 years and I have not yet been to Great Falls. The river is dangeous, especially near Great Falls. There have been several drownings this year, including 4 men who went into the water in Great Falls Park. I enjoyed revisiting places through your camera's eye.

  2. Thanks for the bird name, it's interesting to read more about them. Great Blue Herons can have wingspans over 6 feet, and I'd believe it given the size of this bird.


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