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Al's Photography Blog
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Veronica The Hamster

My daughter's other hamster is Veronica and she has a very different personality from Betty; I was surprised how different they are. Whereas Betty is more friendly and enjoys being picked up, Veronica is more independent and even aggressive at times; she can be quite funny.
She can almost climb out of her playpen and has to be watched carefully when she's out of her cage.
Betty and Veronica seem like good, relatively low-maintenance pets.


  1. Oh the wee cutie! We miss our hamster, Honey, who died in the spring. Buried in the garden with full funeral rites and floral tributes.

  2. I like hamsters, they are so cute and funny! :)

  3. Just too cute. Reminds of the picture I found in the net and posted it under Monday Running Conversations


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