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Friday, April 2, 2010

Scenic Sunday - Monument Rock

One of the local hikes is Monument Rock, and I thought I'd share some photographs I took there on a hike last fall for this Scenic Sunday post. As with most trails in this area, it winds through woods.
You glimpse Monument Rock itself fairly often.
Near its base is a pond (I've posted a picture of the rock reflected in this pond here in the past).
The rock is fairly tall, and much wider than it is narrow. There's a tree growing right against it on one side.
I liked the reflections and these tree roots.
I also liked the shape of this tree.
And finally, the remains of this root cellar show that you can't get away from graffiti anywhere.
Scenic Sunday


  1. Thr rock really looks like a monument! Too bad about the graffiti! Ye, it is everywhere.

  2. I want to go on that hike, looks and sounds like fun! That rock looks inviting...want to climb it :) The tree root reflections are really cool - great post !

  3. Great shots, what a wonderful trail to have to hike. I think I like the tree roots and water reflection best. Although the remains of the old root cellar captures my imagination..wonder about it's history and the humans who built it.
    Sad that some people have to leave their mark where ever the go.

  4. Beautiful. I love the tree root reflection picture. And the root cellar picture as well. And all the rest too! This is one of my favorite photo series! Makes me really, really miss Colorado!

  5. I am always amazed at how plants and trees can grow right out of rock! What an incredible sight this is. I would definitely NOT turn that hike down...The reflections are so cool and, those woods...Wow!

  6. Lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing. Makes me what to head to the local hiking trail with the dogs and a picnic. Have a great day and holiday weekend. Tam

  7. Wow, great pictures. happy easter

  8. Love this rocks and reflection! Wonderful photos


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