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Al's Photography Blog
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Friday, June 8, 2012

San Jacinto Mountain (Palm Springs)

For Scenic Sunday, here are the last Scenic Sunday post from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway near Palm Springs, California. These shots are all from the top of the tramway, elevation 8,516 feet (2,596 m), far above the desert floor.
There was still snow up there, even in March.
And despite being only a couple of hours drive from Los Angeles, it was easy to believe that you were in the wilderness.
The Tramway is a ride well worth taking.


  1. Very nice pictures,
    so infinitely far.....
    Best regards, Karin

  2. Great shots, - I like your compositions!

  3. I would love to ride that! What an incredible view! Hope you escaped the lousy weather we heard about on the news last night! And I hope you and Socks have a great weekend, Al!


  4. Oh, Al--these photos are so beautiful. I'm so sorry to have been out of touch so long. I'm getting back into it now. After losing years of photography I just lost heart for a bit.

    But I'm back now, and I so appreciate your encouraging comments about my kitty cats. lol They are such cuties--Our dear Toez the Polydactyl Cat is the bane of our existence--and also at the same time fills the house with laughter at her antics.

    ((hugs)) Thanks again for dropping by. I've missed you.

  5. WoW! Awesome views! =)

  6. It must be refreshing to get out of LA and into the hills.

  7. Stunning pictures, Al! What a gorgeous view!

  8. Amazing shots of a beautiful place.Have a great day!


  9. So nice to have such a wilderness not far from a big city! :) lovely photos and a great landscape of woods and mountains - AND some snow! :))

    Many beautiful posts from your newest one to here.. I've just done a little update by reading your blog.. :)

    Take care! :)


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