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Al's Photography Blog
Folly Beach, South Carolina

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mount Herman Climb

Here are some photos from a summer climb up 9,063-foot-high (2,825 meters) Mount Herman, one of the local mountains not many miles from our house. First, a view up a rocky section of the trail.
Next, a view from the top down a dead section of forest.
Here's a view from the top over a rock.
And finally, a wildflower seen on the hike.
To see other posts from Mount Herman hikes, click on the Mount Herman tag below this post. For lots more scenic photos, visit the wonderful Scenic Sunday meme.


  1. Another beautiful place and, as always, your photos are superb and definitely the next best thing to being there. Love the view over the rocks! Have a wonderful weekend, Al. Give Socks a pat from me and Sam!


  2. All the views here are uniquely wonderful.

  3. Wow !
    Lo spettacolo è da mozzafiato !
    Fantastico :))
    Mi piacerebbe molto poterlo vivere !
    Ciao Myriam :)))

  4. Hi, Al... I'd like to invite you to participate at the first time of Weekend Portrait meme. All about portrait. It has started on Friday 11 Feb 2011, and will end on Monday 14 Feb 2011.

    Just follow this link for participating :

    Btw, I love your first photo with the stones on the foreground and its angle!
    Happy Weekend!

  5. Just the kind of place I would like to go hiking. Nice photos.

  6. Another fine post, Al! Makes me want to get away from the flatness of north Texas to some hilly terrain! Kudos!

  7. Very nice, well done colours full!

  8. Beautiful shots of a beautiful place. It would be fun to "explore" there. Thanks for the nice comment on my "Reflection" shot. Mickie

  9. Absolutely beautiful! I love that shot looking down over the dead forest - wow.

  10. Beautiful photos...

    Do you know if the trees suffered from the mountain pine beetle? We read a lot about that when were were there last fall.

    Here is Illinois, we seem to be hit by a number of tree bugs lately. The Emerald Ash Borer seems to be high on the list. Very sad to see so many trees hurt.

  11. The air must be rather thin at that altitude but it sure is lovely there.:)

  12. How long does it take? and was the thin air a problem?

  13. Perfect shot!
    new follower here...


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