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Friday, April 15, 2011

Lamar Valley (Yellowstone)

For Scenic Sunday, here are a couple of shots of the Lamar Valley in the northeast corner of Yellowstone.
And here's the Liberty Cap, in the northwest corner of the park, in the Mammoth Hot Springs area.
I can't believe I'm still posting photos from last summer's Yellowstone trip, and some of my favorite photos are still to come. Yellowstone is beyond amazing - it's the most scenic place I've ever visited in my life, and that includes the Grand Canyon.


  1. Grand Canyon is nothing compared to Yellowstone. At least when it comes to Natural Beauty. :)

    It takes time to post what you want to share. I expect my Costa Rican trip to take as long. :)

    Was your trip to Y a private one or orginised by some travel agency?

  2. Your photos are superb as always! Yellowstone is and has always been one of my most favorite places ever! I've been fortunate enough to make a number of trips there when I lived in Montana! Wonderful memories! Hope you have a great weekend, Al! Enjoy!


  3. I agree! I keep going back to my yellowstone pictures from a few years ago and have many more to post. Great shots!

  4. Yes some places are beyond :)
    Great shots!

  5. The road shot is a really great angle! And the last photo is gorgeous! Have been really enjoying your Yellowstone photos since your trip ;D

  6. Yellowstone is a marvelous place. I was there once as a child and once with my children. Don't know if I will make it again, but it was a wonderful experience both times.

    I love your views of the distant peaks; they give a good idea of the vastness of the territory.

  7. Gorgeous photos! Yellowstone is one of my favorite places too.

  8. Superbe immagini....
    L'ultima è molto particolare, sembra u dito puntato verso la luce del Signore !
    Fantastica :)))
    Buona giornata :)


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