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Al's Photography Blog
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Saturday, October 17, 2015

NYC Night 1978

Here's another of my photos from New York in 1978. This one's a little rough as it was taken without a tripod at night on a film camera, but I did what I could with it.


  1. Ah, such an incredible city it is!! Great capture, I do love your old photos of NYC!! Thanks so much for sharing, Jose!! I hope you have a great new week!!

  2. Impressing! I wonder if I ever get to visit NY.. I would like to. And today the city is even more huge..
    I'm back again after a long blog break..

  3. My friend Al,

    As New York, your photos are diamonds.
    These lights are the road to the land of your feelings.

    Warm Greetings from Volos.
    Yannis Politopoulos

  4. Great photo of New York in 1978, Al!


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